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Plasmoteg Scientific and Engineering Centre of the Physical-Technical Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (SEC Plasmoteg of PTI of NAS of Belarus) created by decision of USSR State Committee for Science and Technology (GKNT) and Presidium of BSSR Academy of Sciences in 1990 on the base of thin films physics laboratory of Electronics Institute.

The main directions of Plasmoteg activity are:

• physics of thin films and coatings, theory and methods of obtaining of diamond-like, multicomponent and multilayer coatings;

• theory of interaction of low temperature plasma, ion beams, laser radiation and other types of concentrated energy with hard bodies surface;

• creation of thin film elements for devices of technical and medico-biological purpose.

During a period of Plasmoteg SEC existence its scientists have executed fundamental theoretic and experimental investigations by kinetic and thermodynamic of thin film phase formation in conditions of stationary and pulsed condensation.

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